Proof of Concept

Following the site survey, there are 2 possible routes forward.  We can either move on to the design stage of the project, or take part in a Proof of Concept. 

The Proof of Concept is a functional demonstration tailored to your specific application, designed to show exactly how the RFID application would function in the customer environment. 

The intention of this part of the project is to assuage any concerns about the functionality of the technology and to “prove the concept” raised as a result of the site survey. 

The Proof of Concept exercise is more common to applications that have not been explored in context with RFID.

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April 4th 2006
ConnectRFID have been chosen by Flextronics Corporation to supply an active RFID system... (more)

March 20th 2006
ConnectRFID succesfully completed a Proof of Concept for one of the worlds
leading medical device manufacturers... (more)

March 7th - 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID were tasked with supplying an active RFID trial system for the worlds biggest PC manufacturer... (more)

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