April 4th 2006
ConnectRFID have been chosen by Flextronics Corporation, one of the worlds leading Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers, to supply an active RFID system for vehicle tracking in its supply chain process. Ger Butler, Projects and Facilities manager of Flextronics Corporation, explains "To help us drive this project forward, we required a solution provider that could offer us a total package. ConnectRFID's seemingly unparalleled manufacturer relationships enables them to deploy the latest technology very quickly, which is essential in the fast-paced electronic industry." Following a succesful trial with active technology (see March 7-22 news) ConnectRFID will again deploy SAVI technologies echopoint tags, signpost readers and smartchain software. Iain Bell, Director of Sales, Europe, for SAVI technology says of the deal "SAVI Technologies are delighted to be partnering with ConnectRFID on such deployments and look forward to developing the additional opportunities that they are working on in the near future"

March 20th 2006
ConnectRFID succesfully completed a Proof of Concept for one of the worlds leading medical device manufacturers at its European disribution centre. The primary aim of the PoC was to deliver a final pack (closed shipping case) item level tagging solution to erradicate potential shipping errors.Additional but secondary aims were centered around improving the picking process and overall pick/pack visibility. After several weeks of in house testing ConnectRFID chose to deploy a UHF GEN2 system incorporating the latest ETSI XR480 UHF reader and high performance area antenna from partner Symbol Technologies and used Gen2 UHF tags supplied by parnter X-ident. ConnectRFID succesfully demonstrated the use of UHF item level tagging and exceeded the requirements of the PoC as defined by the customer.

March 7th - 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID were tasked with supplying an active RFID trial system for the worlds biggest PC manufacturer. The basis of the trial was to track components delivered on metal trolleys through the supplychain from supplier to production line. In conjunction with partner SAVI Technology, ConnectRFID chose to deploy SAVI's Echopoint Tags, Signpost Readers and SAVI sitemanager software for data collection.

February 28th 2006
RFID Seminar (Kuwait) - ConnectRFID in conjunction with Vision International (Kuwait) succesfully hosted a one day seminar and demonstration program to leading businesses from the region, centered around the use of UHF and Active RFID technology. Attendees included government departments, oil companies, banks, insurance companies, manufacturers and logistics companies. ConnectRFID and Vision International have subsequently been tasked with supplying proposals to a number of organisations in the region to deploy RFID-based solutions.

February 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID have begun trials of high temperature, encapsulated HF tags, through a steam sterilisation process of 120ºC as part of an intended RFID deployment by a leading medical manufacturing company. The planned end of line process is a critical part of the companies production system with the sterlisation process a key component. The tags are being evaulated over a two week test period for suitability and performance.

February 10th 2006
ConnectRFID have been invited to speak at the upcoming Radio Frequency IDentification seminar in Kuwait City at the end of February 2006.

February 7th 2006
ConnectRFID have entered into agreement with Royal Berkshire Hospital, to allow the companies active RFID readers and tags to be studied in clinical trials to research the technology's suitability for fixed asset tracking in hospitals, with a view to deploying RFID for such purposes.The clinical trials have been designed to test possible causes of interferance whilst both RFID and equipment are in operational use. The initial testing is being carried out on the hosiptals infusion pumps and syringe drivers with the report findings available in early April. More extensive testing is planned for early Summer on additonal medical equipment the hospital is considering being tagged.

February 6th 2006
ConnectRFID and Intermec have been involved in researching the feasibility of item-level closed-box tracking at Intermec's UK headquarters. We are very pleased to report that the testing has been extremely successful and we now have a Gen2 RFID portal system that will allow us to accurately identify up to 50 individually tagged items, regardless of orientation, inside a closed carton. We would like to thank Chris Mower and Chris Lea of Intermec for the benefit of their insight and experience.

January 12th 2005
ConnectRFID are pleased to have been appointed to supply a Proof of Concept to the ROI division of a global medical device manufacturer. The system will revolutionise the company's final pack procedures and eradicate shipping errors.

December 2005
ConnectRFID have been selected to design and implement an Active Tag asset tracking solution for a major european distribution centre. The solution provides location and user recognition details on a range of mobile computers used within the facility.

December 2005
ConnectRFID have now launched their range of RFID developer kits. Kits are available for all RFID frequencies and are completely customisable to suit the customer's requirement.

November 2005
ConnectRFID are undertaking trials of custom made encapsulated HF tags through the harsh production process of a fabric convertors to ensure that the high temperatures and chemical scrubs applied to the material can be withstood by Tags in an effort to improve production processes and stock visibility.